Remote team health check

Inspired by the Spotify “Squad Health Check” (read more here) our team decided to mix up one of our bi-weekly retros and try something different. However, like for most teams, this year has been a little different and our team has been working remote-first. This means we needed to be creative to figure out how to run the activity in a meaningful, but still engaging, way.

This lead me to create a simple Google spreadsheet template where each member of our team would have their own tab so they could fill their score without being influenced by the thoughts of others. We ran through each topic in the exercise one-by-one, and then at the end, all circled back to the main aggregate page and had discussions around the topics that scored the lowest overall. This lead us to talk about (and have action off of) things that would likely not have come up in a traditional retro.

If you’re running a remote team and looking for a different way to reflect, I wanted to share my resources with you!

Copy the activity spreadsheet template for your team here.
See the slides we used to run the health check



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Hanne is Product Lead at Habitual. We are reimagining diabetes care through research-backed, digital type 2 diabetes remission programmes.